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The Centurion

Learn more about this system by watching the Centurion video.

  • Largest and heaviest built rack in the industry
  • Swing & rolling towers move easily
  • All towers have push and pull capabilities
  • Ramps are on wheels and can be easily moved to either end, to drive on, drive off
  • Rack can be installed on the floor or in a pit
  • Choose electric or air hydraulics
  • 50 ton hydraulic ram in each tower
  • Independently moving towers allow true 360 degree pulling
  • Pull all the way around the rack, no dead spots on the corners
  • Heavy duty accessories available


Deck Height 24 inches
Radius of Pulling 360 degrees
Deck Width 102 inches
Treadway Width 36 inches
Center opening 30 inches
Deck length choices 20, 40, 60, 80 ft.
Choose air, or electric hydraulics Enerpac
Standard tower height 10 ft.
Telescoping tower height Pulls to 14 ft. 6 in.
Standard tower hydraulics 50 ton
Telescoping tower hydraulics 50 & 15 ton


This rack is massive
  • 10 ft. tall towers
  • All towers move independently
  • 102 inch wide deck
  • Big 50 ton rams in towers
  • Optional telescoping tower pulls to
    14 ft. 6 in.

  • Convenient air & hydraulic quick couplers located every 10 feet.
  • Large pressure gauges at each tower
  • Our deck design allows infinite holding and tie down locations
  • Shut off valves at each tower
  • Heavy duty ramps are on casters. Ramps can easily be rolled to either end so you can drive on and drive off.
  • Modular construction so you can add another section or tower as needed.
  • We stock heavy duty racks and accessories for fast delivery. Other companies build on order so you'll wait 60 to 120 days for your equipment.


Hydraulic Power
Rail Chain Protectors
    Hydraulic Power
  • We use high quality hydraulics in our racks and accessories, and offer both electric and air hydraulics
    Rail Chain Protectors
  • Hangs on the inside or outside of frame rail
  • Supports chain while anchoring and pulling
  • Prevents damage to rail flanges
Sliding Crossmember
    Sliding Crossmember
  • This accessory gives you the ability to lift and make pushes from the center of the deck
  • We use only the best grade of 3/8" and 5/8" Columbus McKinnon chains and hooks with our equipment
Down Pull
Hold-Down Anchor
    Down Pull
  • With this convenient accessory you can pull down from anywhere on our deck
    Hold-Down Anchor
  • Used with two opposing wedges
  • For anchoring or pulling truck rail down
  • Can also be used for up pull
Frame Spread Blocks
25-Ton Flange Press
    Frame Spread Blocks
  • Blocks hang on flange while cradling hydraulic ram (10, 15, 25 ton)
  • Spread rails, even while making other pulls
    25-Ton Flange Press
  • Straightens flange and web
  • Will remove dimples from radius of rail
  • Comes with air/hyd. pump and hose
Flange Wrench
30-Ton Tight Area Flange Press
    Flange Wrench
  • Adjustable head allows you to get just the right angle and leverage
  • For straightening light bends and crimps in frame rails
    30-Ton Tight Area Flange Press
  • Straightens flange in areas around engine and other obstructions
  • Comes with air/hyd. pump and hose
Narrow Flange Hook
25 Ton Hydraulic Jack Stand
    Narrow Flange Hook
  • For making horizontal pulls on frame rails
  • Narrow, for getting into tight spots
    25 Ton Hydraulic Jack Stand
  • Un-extended ram height 19" at lowest pinned point 30" at highest pinned point
  • 45" with ram extended at highest pinned point with ram fully extended
  • Use for removing frame twist and sag
  • Use for re-arching flat-bed trailers
Wide Flange Hook
25-Ton Jack Stand
    Wide Flange Hook
  • For making horizontal pulls on frame rails
  • Wide, for more dispersion of pulling power
    25-Ton Jack Stand
  • 25" at lowest point
  • 35" at highest point
  • Use as fulcrum on down pulls
  • Use under high corners while removing twist
  • Run anchoring chains over top of stand for horizontal anchor

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